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There are lots of things to do in the Florida Keys.
  We are here to help so you have the most fabulous vacation possible so let's get started!
Make Your Reservation.  Decide from a variety of our online properties for your stay: Vacation, Motel, Long Term Rental and/or Boats or Slips.  Each property is unique and offers different types of amenities.  Some include a variety of options while others offer you a choice of items.  Most are fully equipped for your stay including kitchen facilities.  Be sure to narrow your search by clicking the tabs at the top and checking the boxes on the left side.  zOceanside-2x2.jpg
Pick your extras.  Need a kayak, paddle board, jet ski or boat?  How about snorkel gear or fishing rods?  We offer a variety of items for your enjoyment.  After making you pick your property you can also pick additional items for your vacation.
Local Area Guide. Once you have found your vacation place take a look at the Local Area Guide to find out a variety of places to visit, tours, hot fishing spots, and more.  Enjoy fishing the bridges or make your way to the Marathon Hump where the big fish are found.
Reserve your next vacation.  When it's time to go don't forget to book your next vacation with us by visiting our website.
If you don't find everything you need on this site.  Give us a call.  Your vacation is important to us and we want to make sure you have everything you want for the BEST vacation ever.
Come as you are...when you can...and visit often!  Bookmark this page for your next vacation!